Who the Eff is Hank?
What the Eff is Hank

Hank or “ハンク” is a style of animation created by Osamu Tezuka during the 1950’s and 60’s. Though early forms of Hank where brought to America in the 1960’s (see “Ja-Hank-imation”) it wasn’t until the late 80’s to 90’s that Hank gathered a cultt following.

In the past ten years Hank has achieved recognition world wide and is a well established art form.

Happy Hanko De Mayo!

Hank is an American musician and is the founder of Vic Firth Company (formerly Vic Firth, Inc.), a percussion stick and mallet manufacturing company that he started in 1963


—Nia Devetzis

Who the eff is Hank…?

Hank is an American actress, film director, and screenwriter. He won the Academy Award for Best Actress due to his performance in the Romantic Comedy, As Good As It Gets.

Hank is the man who throws the tetris piece.

Hank is a seventeen year old teenage nerdfighter from Texas who wants to wish himself a AWESOME Hanko de Mayo!!

Happy Birthday, Hank. DFTBA!

— katiejanekaboom

Who The Eff is Hank?


Who the Eff is Hank?

Hank is an indescribable…thing. It’s a ball of incandescent gas; it’s a wiener coated with corn batter and deep fried; it’s a superhero that is also referred as “The Caped Crusader”.

Hank is also the founder of EcoGeek, one half of the Vlogbrothers on youtube, an exceptionally good/bad (depending on how you look at it) video gamer, and a strong supporter of the Earth.

Hank, overall, is an awesome person. There’s no better way of putting it.